So I took the monistat 1 day treatment for a yeast infection. I wasn't really having any symptoms, other than the discharge, so I decided to just use the one day insert (the big round capsul-ish looking thing). Well I inserted it day before yesterday and now, 2 days later, the medicine is still completely all up in there (don't really know how else to put it :/ ). I thought one day treatment meant that the medicine would both work, and absorb within a day. Boy was I wrong. Not to be too graphic but I felt up there to see if the medicine was gone this morning and it's EVERYWHERE. Its like it hasn't totally absorbed, it's just sitting up there. Of course it's not in its original capsul form anymore, it's like a wet powdery medicine though just sitting up there, and I don't like it! Does anyone know how long it takes for this to go away?! How long does it take for the medicine to actually completely absorb? Also, does anyone know how long after using the medicine you're supposed to wait before having sex? I'm in a somewhat new relationship. New enough that although we have sex, I'm not really comfortable telling him about my yeast infection and the medicine and why we can't have sex right now. I was hoping the ONE day treatment would only put me in that predicament for ONE day, but obviously that's not the case. Any answers/advice would be appreciated. Again sorry for the somewhat graphic references, but I don't know how else to get out what I'm trying to say. Thanks!