This is my first time getting BV. I was in A lot of pain and discomfort so I went to the doctor and she told me I had a yeast infection, which I had never had before, so she gave me fluconazole and nystatin cream. I had an allergic reaction to the nystatin and it gave me these little open sores all over my vulva, insides of my legs, just the whole surrounding area. I called to tell her and left a message with her receptionist. Then the lab called and said I had BV and shortly after she prescribed metronidazole 4 tablets in one dose and a cream called Clotrinazole and Betamethasone Dipropionate. After I took my dose of metronidazole I felt very sick... ears ringing, no energy to move, head spinning, fever of 104, nausea... that was yesterday. Today I just feel kinda blanked out from reality. To my question though, is spotting or bleeding normal on this medication? It's not time for my cycle, and I'm just curious if anyone else had experienced this. No worries, I am also waiting to hear back from my doctor as well to ask. Also, many people have said they got BV right after they had sex with their partner again, is that normal? Or only with unprotected sex?