Hello all. It is now 4 weeks tomorrow that I have been on Lexapro. My first week was 5mg and I have been on 10mg since. Last week I felt awesome, no anxiety, positive, and just overall great. This week, I have had anxiety like my old self all over again with a little less intensity. It is almost a downer because of how great I felt last week. I know Lexapro might take 4-6 weeks for anxiety and tomorrow is my 4th week on it. I really would like some experiences and answers that any of you have who maybe experienced the same thing I am. I also need to know if the Lexapro is still trying to adjust and work for me and if it will get better and even out. I am leaving for Florida next week for vacation and I have been worried that I will feel this anxiety there and be unable to enjoy myself.

If anyone can answer this for me, that would be great. Thanks in advance!