So I started Lexapro recently and have had great results. I did drink before, but stopped as soon as I started Lexapro do to extra stress on the liver. I know it can have other interactions, but those aren't what I'm worried about here. I want to know how much stress Lexapro puts on the liver, when compared to Acetaminophen for instance.

Specifically, I am interested due to some study I've been doing on the positive effects of red wine in both its chemical properties and the positive "cleaning" effects of moderate alcohol on the digestive system. If were to start drinking wine, it would probably be a single glass every day at dinner. Consequently this is when I take my Lexapro to. Would there be less stress on the liver if they were taken at different times? Lexapro for breakfast and wine for dinner, for example.

Thanks in advance! I'd like to hear as many opinions as possible.