On the 1st day on 25 mg and I was so excited to feel calm and not in a panic for the first time in my life!!

I drove to my sons footy game, and realized I was singing Mariah Carey, instead of worrying that I wouldn’t find parking or the correct football field. So super great day, however when it got to 11:45pm and I was still having this great day feeling I started to worry.

I took melatonin and fell asleep at around 12:50, but wide awake at 3am. Like AWAKE. It’s now 7:50 am and I feel almost drunk. Not at all like I did yesterday but a common feeling for me when I don’t sleep well. I’ve taken my 25mg an hour ago but it hasn’t had much effect.

Note: I am a terrible sleeper normally and have always relied on my antidepressant with this. It’s called Dothep but my doc believes it’s being slowly discontinued so I cannot rely on its availability.

HELP PLEASE. I am suppose to be going to a mediation retreat today and I look like something from The Walking Dead.