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Ladies, Are the Climara patches smaller than the Estradiol patches? They're so large & Beige?

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ChrisMDe 24 Sep 2016

Yes, I much prefer the Climara patch because of its small size and the fact that it's clear (like a nicotine patch). The Alvogen brand generic is identical to the brand name Climara. Good luck.

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krista888 22 Sep 2016

I just found this out by luck but there are two manufacturers of the Estradiol patch which is the Climara generic. One is Mylan which is the big round pink patch. The other is Alvagen which is just like the Climara, thin and oval and clear.

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brin 29 June 2010

I used the generic estradiol patches for a month, then tried Climara. Climara patches are SOOOO much thinner and adhere MUCH better. Climara patches are clear/see-through; the generic were like a thicker bandage!

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acnehelp 10 June 2010

Hi, ask your doctor for the "Dot" estrogen patch. They have to be changed every 2-3 days but I felt the same as you about that huge, beige, estradiol patch. The "Dot" is clear, stays on REALLY well and is actually shaped like a small rectangle. You should love it!

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suzanne66 10 June 2010

The size of the Climara and Estradiol patch depends on the strength.
The sizes of the Estradiol patches are: 7.75 cm2, 11.625 cm2, 15.5 cm2, 18.6 cm2, 23.25 cm2 and 31 cm2
Climara: 6.5cm2, 9.375 cm2, 12.5 cm2, 15 cm2, 18.75cm2, and 25cm2.
Generally Climara is smaller.

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