While having foreplay with my b/f about 3days ago, he went down on me and now I have a specific spot on my clitoris that is continusly itchy! He likes to bite sometimes alil too hard so im thinkig he may have biten my clit and thats the reason for the itching, but i dont know! Ive been applying vagisil on the specific area, it helps for awhile, but then i have to reapply. Where I've scratched the spot with my nails & pinched my clit with my fingers and rubbed it I've made it raw. Does anyone know if there is a STD that would make only 1 spot on my clit itch? It's alil swollen where Ive scratched it & im having more discharge then usual, its thick & white in color but dosent have a bad odor. Can anyone help me? Any and all advice will be much appreciated, thank you!