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Is Teva 833 more like Xanax?

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Thor283 26 Oct 2011

On this web site is a Pill Identifier. It's in the blue bar above. Use it to look up Teva 833 and see what it is? It may be Xanax. If it is not, tell us what it is and maybe someone can tell you if it's similar. We aren't pharmacists. You need to supply more information than you did.

PillPro313 13 Nov 2016

It's a 1mg klonopin

Monicaholmstedt 17 Mar 2017

1mg Clonazepam or also called Klotipins (sp?).

Emackay690 11 Sep 2012

teva 833 is a generic equivalent to Klonopin 1mg. Teva USA is the pharmaceutical company that manufactures and distributes them. So in response to your actual question, no teva 833's are more like Klonopin being that is what they are; Clonazepam. Xanax is Alprazolam,which belonging to the same class of drugs as Clonazepam, is a shorter acting benzo. Now, there are Xanax extended release tablets for those who seem to do better with Xanax over Klonopin for whatever reasons. I have been on both and personally find the Klonopin to be more effective for the treatment of my specific symptoms. As everyone's body chemistry varies, so does ones reaction to different drugs. I take 3mg klonopin a day and can function well (no severe sedation, confusion, loss of coordination) whereas my sister takes 1mg of Klonopin a day and can hardly keep her eyes open.

fillz 6 Mar 2013
Gioantonnello 11 Apr 2017

Teva 833 is (klonopin 1mg) Clonazepam generic name.
Manufacturer: Teva Pharmaceuticals USA
for more information

This Benzo is in the Benzo family where klonopin is classed. It is different from Xanax simply because it has a different chemical make up. In essence most if not all benzos (Xanax,Valium, ativan,klonopin, ristril). Seem to serve a common purpose. Anxiety use,sleep aids and what your doctor may use it for. As well they are all narcotics. I believe a class 3. Prescription is necessary. Plus are also sold illegally too. All are habit forming.

nillawfer78 28 Aug 2017

Clonazepam is Klonopin. Much safer alternative to Xanax. Xanax withdrawals can and will cause seizures! I am an EEG technician (test for brain activity to determine if seizure is present and to also determin brain death). See Xanax Withdrawal seizures ALl the time

Scotttheclock 17 Sep 2017

That would depend entirely on the individual who is taking it, there prior drug use history and there mental state of mind.

anthonyjulian 16 Oct 2017

no. this drug is not like a Xanax but similar

Alboski6614 22 Dec 2017

Nothin compares to xanax not valium not coladapin. They are a ok substitute in the same drug class but personally i don't think it does the same justice. But will stop withdrawal symptoms from benzos

Gbaby72 27 Feb 2018

Valium works well for anxiety and is also used for muscle spasms.

KKwadros88 7 Apr 2018

They are in the same class. Xanax though, is a much stronger benzodiazepine than the pins, but I feel the klonopin is a good take as needed type , as I feel it helps my anxiety attacks subside, where as Xanax I feel is more of a take every day to stay steady type, and I’m not talking about abusing the two, I’m speaking about taking them correctly. free discount card

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