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Does insoluble in water mean it does not dissolve in water ? Does diazepam dissolve in alcohol?

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kaismama 23 Nov 2013

And I'll just carry on, if you're planning on injecting it, don't. The alcohol you have at home isn't the alcohol that would be used in an injection. Also the crystals wouldn't dissolve totally which will damage your veins. And its an easy way to od.

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Delila 23 Nov 2013

Hi, i just wanted to follow on from Laurie's answer... yes, she is right, insoluble means that the tablet/capsule is not designed to be diluted in water, however, if you were to introduce the medication to a glass of water/alcohol (for example), it could affect the structure of it, and change the rate at which it disperses within the body, so please be careful with regards to this : )

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LaurieShay 23 Nov 2013

Insoluble in water, yes, means will not readily dissolve in water. Yes, it does dissolve in alcohol.

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