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I'm on Coumadin with a fever. What shall take for the fever?

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lindajane 22 March 2011

I agree to ask your doctor.

I am lucky when I add any supplements to my diet my husband can check my blood that week at home. I think everything OTC effects coumadin, see interactions at:,coumadin.html


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DzooBaby 23 March 2011

You are very correct. Vitamins, otc pain relievers, all kinds of things can interact so it is always best to consult with the presriber or if you are lucky enough to use a coumadin clinic, ask the nurse there. they know the effects of all that stuff because they see it so often. A few insurances pay for a meter to use at home that works similar to a blood glucometer or machine that checks blood sugars with a drop of blood. these machines use a drop of blood to test INR at home with a strip you put the blood on and place it in the machine to read it. Not too many insurances cover them and they are expensive but it is worth looking into.

DzooBaby 22 March 2011

Talk to the prescriber of your Coumadin. Even acetaminophen can shoot your PT/INR really high. Sometimes it is necessary to take medicines that will interact with your Coumadin. Many antibiotics will elevate the PT/INR but sometimes they are necessary. Your Dr just needs to be aware so they can test your PT/INR more often and adjust your coumadin dose accordingly.

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LaurieShay 22 March 2011

Hey shutterfly,

While any of the over the counter fever reducers will affect the INR (your blood level of coumadin), the one that effects the least or the medicine of choice is generally Tylenol (acetominophen). Best to double check with the doctor's office, if you have an infection brewing, you need to see a doctor anyway.


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caringsonbj 22 March 2011

if you are not sure what is causing the fever then I would think you need to be seen by your physician and even if you do just to be sure that there is no interaction with the two medications then I would at least give his office a call and allow them to put the question to him, especially if the fever is unexplained, I have family that takes Coumadin and we don't even use Advil or Tylenol with consulting the doctor, please take good care and the important thing is that you are given the medication that is safe and also takes care of the problem. best wishes,

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Rajive Goel 22 March 2011

Would recommend to speak to a doc before you self medicate, please take care.

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