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I'd like to know if valium & xanax show up as the same in a drug test (urinalysis)?

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26 Oct 2009

I have been on valium and xanex for years. The answer is YES. They do show up in your urine. Both valium and Xanex are in a group of drugs called BENZODIAZAPINES. To the best of my knowledge they stay in your system for 30 days. I am not a medical professional, and I damn sure am an addict. And pills are one of my specialty. It may not be exactly 30 days. But give or take. My answer is based on my personal experience.


26 Oct 2009

They will both show as benzodiazapine but it depends on how sophisticated the test is as to whether they will show up as xanax or valium. Chances are, if they mail the test off to a lab like Ameritox, it will differentiate between the 2, if it is just one they do in the office and don't mail it off, it probably will just show up as benzo.

Blackmamba 26 Oct 2009

Very interesting.

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