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I"m about to have surgery in a few days . I was told not to take aspirin,is naproxin okay/?

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BRRMARS 24 May 2011

yes, asprin, acetametaphine thin your blood so that is not good before surgery, naproxin has neither of those in them so it's okay

Inactive 24 May 2011

Hi BRRRMARS, you should not take NSAIDS like naproxen and ibuprofen before surgery. It increase your chance of excessive bleeding just like asprin does. Tylenol (acetimitophen) is fine to take before surgery because it doesn't carry that same bleeding risk the NSAIDS and asprin have.

BRRMARS 24 May 2011

WOW, i'm sorry, i could have done you harm, my doctor told me the exact opposite, i'm truly sorry i'm glad somebody corrected me.

suzanne66 24 May 2011

No, Naprosyn can also thin the blood so should be avoided as well.
Acetaminophen does not thin the blood and is safe to take before surgery.
Check with your doctor if you are unsure.

LaurieShay 24 May 2011

Hey gail,

Yep naproxen or naprosyn is an anti inflammatory that will thin the blood. It affects the platelets actually. Anyway, acetominophen is ok to take before surgery.

Good luck with the surgery,


LaurieShay 24 May 2011

Ooops, I meant "yep" I agree with the previous post not "yep" to your question. It is NOT ok to take naproxen before surgery.

BRRMARS 24 May 2011

Wow, guys, i'm so sorry i almost killed this guy, my doctor told me the exact opposite, i'm glad you corrected my dumb butt. please forgive me i'm usuallly not this careless. i'm sorry

brenda fain 25 May 2011

i would think not to take as it may thin your blood causing you bleed excessive !but it might be in your best interest to check with your doctor who can give you a more correct answer !or ask at your pre-op visit !

God bless & best wishes

Isaidso 28 Apr 2017

If you are referring to elective surgery, ideally the answer is no. Unless specifically directed by your physician, you should not take NSAID's for 10 days prior to surgery (unless cataract surgery then this doesn't usually apply). This includes items such as Advil, Motrin, Ibuprofen, Naproxen, Aleve, and Excedrin.

If you need something for pain, contact your surgeon or take Tylenol.

7 days before your surgery, you should stop all aspirin products or consult with your anti-coagulation pharmacist.

Fourteen days prior to surgery you should stop any other multi-vitamins, minerals, supplements, diet pills, and any other homeopathic remedies including essential oils or any other natural products you're friends may be trying to sell you. free discount card

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