I have killer headaches every day. I've been taking Tramadol for about 7 years. A doctor prescribed it to me for my backpain, at the beginning I took 2 50mg pills and then 1 every 8 hrs. They took care of the pain for quite some time, but then I had to increase the dose, taking 2 at a time. It was then that I felt this wellnes like I was a little drunk, so I kept taking them.
Now 7 years later, I take 5 to 10 pills a day, they stopped helping me with the pain really, and I wake up and go to bed every day with this horrible headache. I have somach problems to, I think that is due to the constipation Tramadol causes.
My questions are: does anyone suffer frim headaches from Tramadol, or could it be somethin else? I had all kinds of medical exams and everythings seems normal.
I have chestpain and backpain too, I went to a cardiologist and nothing is wrong with my heart.
Im sick and tired of taking this medication. Im tired of being dependable, of have to go the drugstore so often I have to drive to different drugstores because Im embarrased that they notice my addiction. I live in Mexico and here you don't need a prescription, and it is VERY cheap the generic kind, it cost $3.50 dlls for 10 50mg pills, so I go figure how many can buy without affecting my pocket.
I really want to quit, but Im affraid of the pain of my back, the headaches, the mood swings, the spleelessness.
How many days takes to get this medication out of your system? Is it better to quit slowly or cold turkey? Have my chest pains and headaches related to tramadol? Please I need any help I can get