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I have hypothroidism. Take levothyroxine. Can levothyroxine cause breast soreness?


doubletees 1 Dec 2014

I suffer from hypothyroidism as well. As you know it wears many faces and for me it throws my female hormones completely through a curve many times a year. I wonder if this is what might happening to you as well. I can't say I have constant breast pain , but there are times when my menstrual irregular moments happen I do have sore tender breasts.
Have you been noticing anything else ? Moodiness or even that you are somewhat bloated?

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aliqa 16 Nov 2014

Thank you for asking this question. I also suffer from breast soreness too but I have never attributed it to hypothroidism or levethyroxin. I hope someone from the group provide us with a good answer that will put our minds to rest.

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