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Does Hydroxyzine potentiate the effects of Adderall IR?

4 Answers

chuck1957 3 Nov 2016

22 Dec 2015
Just remember to follow the doctor's orders is the most important to make sure the doctor is aware of what you are doing or he or she may prefer a different way of doing this if nothing else give the doctor a call and get exact directions THIS WAS RIGHT WITH THAT POST. but thanks all input is helpful. chuck1957

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chuck1957 22 Dec 2015

Just remember follow the doctors orders is the most importaint to make sure the doctor is aware of what your doing or he or she may perfer a different way of doing this if nothing else give the doctor a call and get exact directions

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heliccoptermikey 2 Nov 2016

Don't you guys know that there is a moderate interaction between Adderall & antihistamines ? Chuck, why would you give the ok for this? Dangerous & scary.. with all do respect ;) I mean it's nice and all that you said for him to check with the doctor about everything, but people are not going to usually do that. sadly they go to a site like this and look for somebody's okay to do something that they want to do and they just do it.. :( I wonder if he had a bad reaction doing this.. back in Dec 2015. Please let us know if you did :)

chuck1957 3 Nov 2016

IF YOUR DONE!!! There is not a major or any big reaction with these 2 medications, and I also told the patient to check with a there doctor if any question about this combination but I have seen more of these prescriptions filled together than I can count. AND WE ARE NOT TAKING THE PLACE OF THE DOCTOR OR NURSE, THIS IS JUST FROM OUR EXPERIENCE, Anyone that has any doubt should check with their doctor as I said. this is 11 months ago if this is all you have to do get a life. There are much more food allergies with this combination than these 2 taken together. But thanks.

chuck1957 22 Dec 2015

Wookie; This is kind of tough one everyone is different because the medications work different on different people but if it's okay with your doctor start with something like twice daily on the Hydroxyzine it stays in the system longer so you don't want to increase the Adderall to fast or much but take it just as directed by your physician and make sure it is okay that you try different doses of the Hydroxyzine normally more like every 6 hours to start but see what your doctor says. hope that helps some. And if it's okay with the doctor you can adjust it according to how it is working.Hope it helps you.

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chuck1957 20 Dec 2015

Wookie; Yes they do use Hydroxyzine to potentiate other medications and is used for this very reason often for many different medications. It can also help with some anxiety or nervousness that Adderall can cause depending on the dose.

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Wookielove83 21 Dec 2015

RRRRRHHHHHHAAAARRRRHHHGGG! Yo Chuck! Thanks for the response my friend. It is much appreciated. Could you give me an example of the doses that would work best together? For instance, let's say that someone had 4 30mg Adderall IR, how many 50mg Hydroxyzine would that someone take to potentiate the Adderall to plus side and not the negative? free discount card

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