Hello all, I had a quick question baout this medication. I hope someody has experienced this or heard of it. I started this medication along with amphlidine. after 4 days my blood pressure went down from 176/104 to 133/88. I feel like my energy is returning but, my head feels really weird. sometimes like somebdy is pushing the back of my head or sides, sometimes headache top and side f head. I'm wondering if maybe, its the body getting use to it or, maybe the prolong over look of my high calcium. If I could get rid of this headache r pressure feeling i owuld feel amost like my old self. I cant beleive how much my energy has changed.I was always sleeping, al day. never fully rested and stiumlants just made my heart and blood pressure rise. no energ though. I still cant concentrate that well ,and I have issues looking for the right words to say, mood is kind of off sometimes. I ill be having my kidenys checked in a month. my parathyroid was a little low so was my vitamin D