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How to abort one month pregnancy?

5 Answers

NoBanMeAgainPls 15 Aug 2022

You need Jesus. I pray that he guides you and your unborn baby to a long and fruitful life.

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Abass Abubakari 2 Aug 2018

Malt and sugar(add)

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puckiemull 24 Oct 2011

Hi waqas,
I agree with sweet lemon and Jaime,please seek medical attention if you want to go ahead with this abortion,
But may i add to what pup suggested,please think this decision through,it is a massive choice to make and although we do not know your circumstances and you may have your own reasons for not wanting to go ahead with this pregnancy,but please please think long and hard about what you want to do!It may sound like a good idea at present and maybe you think it is your only option but there are many out there and making the decision to terminate the pregnancy may be something you regret in the future! It may seem the right thing to do now,but please think this through carefully and fully before you go ahead with it!
We are all here to help and talk things through with you if you want more advice,if not please take the advice you have been given by the ladies here,if you're gonna go ahead with termination seek a professional,but be 100%sure it is what you want to do.
Take care and be safe whatever you decide my friend!!

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pup6767 24 Oct 2011

I may be unpopular for saying this... but please dear, rethink your decision... one that will haunt you for the rest of your life... there are other options... this is a precious life inside of you that did not ask to be there.
I will pray for you at this most difficult time through which you are having.

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Inactive 23 Oct 2011

Please go to a doc, an OB/Gyn. Do NOTHING yourself please?

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litlmommag 23 Oct 2011

Please take sweet lemons advise! Take care of yourself cause terrible things can happen if yu take this matter into your wn hands please see an obgyn please!! Jaime

waqas 120 24 Oct 2011

thank u soo muchh friend
GOD bless u

wishful101 24 Oct 2011

I have a friend that took meds and didn't get treated after she had her abortion(4 yrs ago), only for fear and didn't want to go get treated and seen by an ob/gyn or a dr, she's now married and trying to conceive and is having problems conceiving... whatever you decide just go to a dr or ob/gyn, the consequences might be serious for yourself and a good future to come. Go get professional help plz! Best wishes and good luck! free discount card

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