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How long does it take Depakote ER to get completely out of my system. I take 1500 mg a day?

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suzanne66 28 Feb 2010

Depakote has a half life of 9 - 16 hours.

This means that every 9 to 16 hours, half of the previous amount of Depakote in the body disappears.
It usually takes around 5.5 half lives for a drug to get out of your system.

As a guide then, after 3 -4 days Depakote should be out of your system
It is also dependent of other factors such as age, state of health, weight etc.

Bolzy 3 Sep 2017

Do you onow how long it takes to reach peak levels in your system? How many days it takes? I have read it takes 3 days is this true? free discount card

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