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How can I get Humira for free or low cost?

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ChelleKay 22 March 2017

I am on disability and use the PEN version of Humira. They do have a Patient Assistance Program eager to help. All I had to do was call them and fill out very easy paper work. Your Dr will have to fill out some too.. I have been on it 5 yrs and each year they renew me after a little more paperwork from me and Dr.It is worth a try!!! I'll give you the number I use if you want it just let me know. Best wishes.

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pschlichti 17 Feb 2013

I have an Humira Card, and it only covers you completely for one time and then makes you foot the bill for 500 and 800 the second and third times you buy Humira. The total prescription price has been 1200 to 1600 dollars per two syringe tray kits. I have maxed out my credit cards paying for this medication over the last five years. If you are at a very low income level or on Medicare, then you can get low co-pays. The rest of us are footing the bill for this.

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brflores 14 April 2013

I am very sorry to hear that. I have worked all of my life I became disabled 2004, worked for Santa Barbara Co Probation Dept. for 14 years. I only recieve my retirement which only pays into my Blue Shield, vision, dental, and I receive SS Disablity that I paid into over the years that I worked, isn't much. My husband got lay-off from his job going on 2 years at a TV station were he put in 27 years and got no retirement. Umemployment is only enough just to pay the rent. He doesn't quilfiy for medical or medicare too young. But, they are other companies that are willing to help no matter what. Also, there is a company by the name of Acurian Health Your Guide To Health Options. It's a exploring potential research for RA, but you have to meet the study criteria you'll receive at no cost. They sent me a letter and I do apply. What they do is investigational drug being studied for RA, Study related visit and lab test.


Compensation up to $500.00 for your time and travel. This will be my 2nd study for being a test rat. I figure it's been 10 years with RA. They is no known cure, so why not. I know their are alot of other people worst off then me. But I still keep my faith and Prayer everyday thank our God for all of His Blessing. I can get out of bed and still get dress by myself and that I have a very good Doctor (rheumatology) I been going to him and only him since 2004. Take care who ever reads this. God Bless. :)

zippycat 18 Jan 2018

Yes, this is true. If you are destitute, you can get help. If you have a job with income, forget any help. Whatever you make, this greedy company wants a big chunk of it. My cost with Medicare and AARP supplement for 2018 is $1536 per month, then $2095 in the doughnut hole until I get into catastrophic which will then be $233. I am 70 and still working, but I really don't want to spend half of what I make on Humira. Makes me want to quit.

brflores 26 June 2011

Hi. I understand your situation. I have severe RA I was diagnosed back in Feb 2004 after I received a work injury. I am now permanently disabled for life.

Anyway, I am taking a lot of medication I have Medicare but I don't have part D I have Blue Shield from my retirement and have to pay $10 to $50 out of pocket co-payment. And it adds up.

Humira has a HUMIRA PROTECTION PLAN. (Helping patients access Humira) the phone number to call is 1.800.448.6472

My co-payment was $100 then is went down to $35 now with the help of HUMIRA PROTECTION PLAN CARD BENEFITS my co-payment is $5. Let me tell you that is SUCH A BIG HELP, those people are so kind and compassionate and they want to all the people who can't afford the medication. So, I hope you call them, I know they will help you. Take care and God Bless.

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Marvell 29 Aug 2010

I don't think you'll get Humira free anywhere but you may be able to get it a bit cheaper. Please contact the manufacturer (Abbvie) ... they may have some sort of patient assistance programs.

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geekygranny 29 Aug 2010

Hi There!

I DO get it free! Have had it for two years so far. You just have to prove your financial status. And yes, they do have a patient assistance program.

geekygranny 28 Aug 2010

I've been getting Humira free for the last couple of years. Go to this site and follow their instructions.

There you will see how you can get it free or low cost depending on your financial situation.

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