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What is the highest dose of Adderall that is prescribed it to an adult?

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Michelle071286 24 Jan 2020

Ok... first of all, be respectful of people just because their doctors have probably told them incorrect information! Some of these comments or responses to other people answers were just vicious and it’s not necessary. Here is how it actually works... tolerance's build and once that happens we require a higher dosage. I started taking it when I was 10 and I’m 33 now. 230mg a day and I wish more than anything I never started taking it but it messed with my brains development because it was prescribed to me way too young. There should be a legal limit considering that such high doses aren’t safe simply because you’re tolerance is higher... our hearts don’t develop the same tolerance

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BrandiLu 22 April 2019

Hi, I've been reading over some of your answers and I'm wondering if you all are giving max dose for Adderall or Adderall XR? Is 90 mg of the XR safe? I'm a narcolepsy patient and have been on Adderall for years.

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Persistence717 6 April 2019

There is no max legal dose. However, as previously stated, government and insurance providers have certainly come up with ways to restrict how much is prescribed. Additionally, the varying locations give credence to any assertion that this is not necessarily ubiquitous and most likely occurs as a result of some ill informed complaint about the prescriber to one of the aforementioned entities (government, insurance organization). Such is the case with my psychiatrist who has all of the suddenly reduced the maximums on benzodiazapines and stimulants. BZDs now stop at 1mg (not including Restoril) and Adderall now ends at 40mg per day.

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JMH84 15 Feb 2019

I know this post is old but I found it interesting. Everyone is different and what works best for them could be a higher dose than someone else. I love in New Hampshire but my Doctor is in Boston. I take 1, 30mg IR & 1, 30mg XR in the morning and then again in the afternoon. Then I take two 20 mg in the evening and I barely feel like it’s working as I have been prescribed since I was much younger. So total I take a day would be 160mg.

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Effect 18 Feb 2019

Is this for ADHD or chronic fatigue? I’m currently struggling with both, and while the lower doses help with attention, they seem to stop helping when it comes to the fatigue.

qmnmd27 29 Jan 2019

To “Spence “ recent reply
What state are you in?
That’s the amount that works for me yet Drs don’t go for it here
It’s frustrating so I try to just deal with barely functioning but it’s horrible

Glad to read someone else understands

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Sspence7 29 Jan 2019

I have been on 120 mg of Adderall tablets a day for 6 years for Narcolepsy.

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hoodster 4 June 2018

Trials are the FDA used to set max doses. If they only text to 60 mg, that is generally the max dose approved. The max approved dose does not determine the amount the doctor prescribes; each doctor used there discretion & it SHOULD be based in symptoms - also determined by the provider.

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Islandgirlmakamae 11 Oct 2017

I reside in Hawaii, am an adult/adult dose and have been on this medication for many yrs. My dr told me I'm on the highest prescribing dose avail., which is 30mg. x 2 a day (I get 60 pills a mo.). Hope this answer helps... aloha

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Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

60mg is the Legal limit or just what the recommended dose limit is? 120mg to 270mg scripts are legally written all day there is no law stating the limit of amphetamines allowed to be prescribed to a patient. Case by case basis... Good luck and alll the best!

qmnmd27 30 Jan 2019

I agree with future PhD , it’s up to the Dr. I can’t find a Dr that will treat me as my previous psychiatrist prescribed me. Very frustrating, to say the least. It should be up to THE PHYSICIANS but DEA, Government bs etc... that’s why people are treated unfairly poorly and yet I’d bet a lot more than most, that politicians are able to get comfortably treated.

Dean-x 12 Sep 2017

So I was diagnosed as a child with ADHD but my family refused treatment and explained it as me being smarter than others. This year (so nearly 20 years later) I saw a nuerologist for a different matter and brought up the possible ADHD. After a few minutes he said adderall would help and started me at 30mg of xr. After 2 months it was increased to 40mg of xr and now a new doctor wants to add an ir in addition to it. I really don't think their is a max. My likely new treatment will be around 70mg a day with almost half being "as needed" I will update after increase if anyone is interested. Having a doctor who understands that the xr does not last 12 hours or even close to that is a huge help in getting proper treatment.

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CoopDiggety 21 Feb 2017

After just leaving my extremely Pro-Active "concierge" doctor of 5 years- and reading through his medical prescription "dictionary" with him in an effort to find the answer to this question - In Maryland - the highest maximum dose is 40 mg for IR and 30 mg for XR.

We did not see a difference in quantity regardless of reason (i.e. Narcolepsy, ADD, etc.). In fact - the book stated that 20 mg of XR was max dose for adults.

If anyone can advise any different in Maryland - please advise.

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Donovancdaley 1 May 2017

I'm not sure about Maryland, but I was diagnosed with ADHD about four months ago in Tennessee. My Dr. started me on 10mg of Adderall IR 2x a day then increased to 30mg of Adderall IR 3x a day (90mg total) over the last couple of months. She actually said that she has other adult patients on an even higher dose. I think it just depends on the doctor. I know my doctor suffers from ADHD herself, so I feel she has compaction and first hand knowledge of what it's like to live with it.

Hithere2017 14 Nov 2017

I think it's all up to the doctor you see. I was originally started on vyvance don't remember the mg but the doctor told me it was like controlled adderall whatever that means ended up moving and switching doctors and got put on 30mg adderall tabs twice a day (to compare the two they both made me feel the same)

Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

I live in VA and see a Psychopharmacologist in MD who writes mine and many other patients 120mg and 60mg even 90mg a day. Your doctor is wrong. Ask him or her to show you where it is stated thst his 40mg bs is and if he finds it he won't so you know have leverage. He has a golf tee time soon and is a bitch scared of the DEA.

j1270810 6 April 2018

Maryland as today 4/6/18" Maximum dosage for IR is 120mg, ER 90mg,i know, live here and on 90mg IR daily

chuck1957 22 Dec 2016

IT'S BEST TO POST YOUR QUESTION BY IT'S SELF NOT ON SOMETHING THAT IS A YEAR OR YEAR AND 1/2 BACK the answers don't always go out please repost you question. to bring it up to date. Or call your doctor. Chuck1957 to whom it may concern.

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brooklynct2003 21 Dec 2016

I am a patient on Adderall for adult ADD and off-label for depression since 2007. I've accidentally dosed up to 150 mg with no ill effects, except the jitters and a little manic behavior.

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jb548 29 July 2017

Well since it is entirely possible to go years before finding out something caused you significant damage; that really isn't a good indication that it is okay. Most of the time it will come when older and if was damaged becomes the weak link that breaks.

Futuresphd 7 April 2018

Long term amphetamine use is actually very safe and if you do some research, "doing damage," and realizing it later is I suppose realizing it prior and knowlingly and still being OK with your decision to drink or something we have scientific clinical evidence done with credible studies. 2 yr old children are prescribed this drug, a bird told me that maybe seeing how untreated ADD/ADHD will get you may help too.


CODEMANpw 29 June 2018

I don't mean anything on this but... What is your typical dosage and how did you accidentally take 150mg?

I'm early 30s and am fairly new (1 and a half years) to Adderall. My family doctor put me on it after a nervous break down revealed I have ADD and a minor case of Narcolepsy (frequent bouts of tiredness, disorientation, and the rare occasion of fainting from the chronic tiredness. Chronic tiredness ended up bringing about imbalance that caused me to become a blithering, sobbing child for several days).

Recently got bumped to 20mg. Just curious how a person survives 150mg. Seems too extreme considering I only take half at dawn (10) and half at noon (10) and still have a tiny bit of trouble getting used to it.

Once again, nothing bad or judgment implied. I am just curious and like to know everything about what I put in my body.

billieboy2203 29 Jan 2016

60 mg.

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Inactive 3 Dec 2015

Personally, I've known patients on up to 270mg per day. That's 9 of the 30 mg tabs. There really is no max dosage. It's an individual basis.

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Efloyd7 7 May 2017

I see that this answer was from two years ago. Do you really know people on 270mg?

Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

I do as well in 2017.

I just filled for 150 ir a day.

Efloyd7 19 Nov 2017

Where do you live?

Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

Well said.

Futuresphd 19 Nov 2017

Virginia a commonwealth state so if Amy limit was ever a legal one VA would be first in line lol

Efloyd7 19 Nov 2017

Virginia. Wow! I live in the wonderful state of Alabama (being sarcastic ) ... thank you

Dave117 30 March 2018

I live in California and I’m in some need of a Dr. here that can help me out. I used to be in 30mg twice a day but my current Dr. won’t prescribe me any at all. Does anyone know a Dr. in Southern California that i can go to?

MrsTJSVanMack 9 May 2021

I truly disagree with that statement. Medication dosages are regulated and are listed as daily therapeutic suggested doses by the FDA for what is therapeutically safe. Physicians do take their liberties in prescribing dosages slightly above or below what the FDA recommends. Those liberties depend on the physician and their patient's particular factors which are personal to each individual because no one is exactly the same.

Jkdimsdale 15 Oct 2015

60 mg/ daily is the max dose, unless, as answered above, narcolepsy is only diagnosis allowed to max out at 80mgs daily. Most drs, especially the ones I've been to and/heard about 2nd hand won't start you at higher than 10/day and gradually increase doses over time. I have been on adderall most of my adult life, & EVERYTIME I've had to switch drs for whatever reason, they all make you start at lowest possible clinical dosage and if you,after several months, need more to get the desired therapeutic effect, will only up to 20s... I had to basically beg mine to give me 30/ twice daily, only after he was able to verify from past medical records that I, indeed, had been on that dosage for years.

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GPR2090 24 Aug 2018

You literally have no idea what your talking about. It's amazing that you think your personal experience Trump's actual medical fact.

ADHD veteran 24 Sep 2018

This is what I have learned: 60 mg a day all at once is different than 30 mg at a time. With a 30 mg dose, you are only ever on 30mg. You don't add them together for a Max daily dose. 30mg 3 times a day is, still 30mg. You are never on more than 30mg at a time. If you take 2 of those at once, it is 60Mg. I don't recommend that.
It isn't the same as the xr. That is why xr is such a pain. 30mg of xr is NEVER actually 30mg. It is 10 trickle trickle, 5 trickle trickle 10... etc. It's why it doesn't work. And someone, somewhere has decided that 30mg xr once a day is enough for someone who NEEDS 30mg at a time. It isn't. free discount card

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