Would it be better to let it run its course. Will I get through the withdrawl quicker that way, or would it hinder my sucess by taking something for the diarrhea? If it wont hurt what can I take that will help best w/ diarrhea? Been in bathroom for 3 days with stool like water, and severe gut cramps, not to mention bad anxiety, but the stool seems to be thickening a very little. Some days in past Ive taken up to 6 -7mg of xanax at once. But not every day. Ive skipped one or two here or there. But since its been 4 days skipped, because I want to quit the diarrhea started w/ severe cramps. Should i just take a small dose once a day. or a very very small dose twice, or none? I know this is just advise and do not hold anyone accountable for any suggestions. PLEASE HELP.