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What is the half life of tramadol. How long does it stay in your system?

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suzqfrid 28 Nov 2015

It depends on the strength of the tramadol and how your body metabolizes it. I take 300 er mg and it doesn't stay in my body all day If you are just starting out on it you'll probably be given 50 mg taken as needed Its not a good idea to split the er pills as they will get into your system faster

chuck1957 28 Nov 2015

Geno; Also 1/2 life would depend on which one but as far as being able to figure out how long it well be in your system even when it is out most people have terrible withdrawals even after the medication is out of your system. like physical and mental withdrawals. good luck

Stephen Treloar 29 Nov 2015

As Chuck correctly states that the time it takes to leave your body is not the same as when you experience the worst withdrawal. As an example most pure opiate agonist withdrawals take about 5 days, buprenorphine 7days, tramadol 10 days and methadone 22 days. After this you may suffer from post acute withdrawal syndrome for 6 months or so.

chuck1957 29 Nov 2015

Thanks Steve that is what I was trying to say big difference from when it's out of your system to when the withdrawal leave. Thanks for clearing it up. Chuck.

fragydig529 2 Dec 2015

As stated; depends on dosing with Tramadol, but if only 1 were taken it's ~6-7 hours.

Remember though, a half-life is not "how long before it's out of my system", it's "how long before HALF of what's in my system is gone".

So if a 100mg pill is taken, 6-7 hours later, you'll have 50mg. Then another 6-7 hours later, you'll have 25mg, so on and so forth. free discount card

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