Hello all, my health anxiety is getting to me today, today is the 2nd day on Zoloft and Ive read that many of these side effects are considered common/normal and will go away in time, I just need some reassurance for gods sake I keep freaking myself out haha! I am only on 25mg of it... I take it at night before bed and I usually sleep well enough to where I can function normal throughout the day however I get random bouts of dizziness to the point where it's not really ignorable, it does go away after a few seconds but it's super annoying. I also seem to get radiating pain in my shoulder blades (both, usually 1 or the other, not at the same time) while my heart beat seems to be flopping more, like a bigger thump is felt on some of the beats. I had blood tests done and they all came back normal so I really shouldn't be sketched out as I am. 20 years old, recently had a lifestyle that included many hours on a computer, caffeine, and cigarettes. (3 days clean on all of them except some computer usage still) - been outside all 3 days for a couple hours at least lifting weights (something I haven't done very much of either).

Sorry for the long essay! tl;dr how long is considered normal for these side effects to remain, the Zoloft is helping with my anxiety/depression, it's not nearly as constant anymore and its only the second day so I'm not sure if that's just my mental state helping me out or what, anyways thanks again for anyone with some personal experience with this.