I had UPS for the first time in April (not too sure of the date). It was the Sunday morning (like 1am) and I took EllaOne on the Tuesday morning. I’m currently very stressed out as I have a very irregular period. My last one was at the end of March and I expected another end of May/ early June. Mid May I thought I’d came on but the bleeding was very light and I eventually passed it off as spotting. I had sex a few days ago and then two days ago I believe I’ve came on. However, my period is often quite heavy and lasts around a week. On the first day it was quite light and I could use thin pads, yesterday I put on a thicker one as it was a bit heavier with some clots (normal for me). This morning again around the same level of heaviness but since this morning there has been nothing. Is it normal for EllaOne to shorten your period? Of course this could change by tomorrow but I am so paranoid.
I feel I should add I have taken two negative pregnancy tests but of course these could be wrong. If anyone has anything to share please do lol, I’m going i sands googling symptoms and reading about implantation bleeding.