Today is my first time taking Adderall. I was just prescribed 10mg XR for my bad ADD. I took my 10 mg about 4 hours ago and then about 45 later after I took it I thought it wasn't working enough and that I needed more.. so I decided to take another.
I feel REALLY relaxed and calm and like if anyone insulted me or yelled at me I couldn't care a bit in the world about it lol. But I also feel REALLY like.. Heavy? and like a weird kind of headache. I think it works GREAT for my ADD though and I feel like I can focus a lot more!. I am not super energized though but not sleepy either. And Its really hard to eat anything or especially drink water.

Idk Is it ok that I am really really relaxed like this? Isn't it supposed to make me like AWAKE and more energized a little too? And any thoughts about that sickening heavy feeling? Has anyone else experienced something like me? Thanks!! :)