Today is Day 23 since starting escitalopram 10mg. Day 9 since increasing to 20mg. I took it cus of a panic attack at work. I generally have social and generalized anxiety disorder which I took CBD oil for in the past, but this panic attack was an eye opener that it wasn't enough. My job has high demands of perfection and speed. My boss is a bit of a tyrant.

The first week I began about 5 days in, I started to feel calmer, social and generally happier. But maybe that was a placebo. It didn't take long for the depression and anxiety to return. Then I increased it at 2 weeks, thinking I needed the extra bit. And I know that with increase theres a possibility of increased anxiety as a side effect. This Thursday will be 4 weeks since beginning and 2 weeks since increase. Has it taken this long for anyone else to get the therapeutic effect?