When I started Lexapro for my GAD I had a lot of side effects the first ten days which my psychiatrist said was a good sign as it meant the drug would most likely work for my body. Now that I have taken it for 6 weeks I feel like I have a more laid back attitude which resulted in a lot of missing assignments and having to catch up which is causing more issues and skipping classes as I don't see a need to be there. I have a different outlook perhaps that no matter what I do I should look out for my mental health first, which is actually causing more bad in some situations such as school and relationships... Honestly I'm just confused because I still have a lot of habits like procrastination and perfectionism from anxiety as well as physical symptoms but I can feel some anxiety alleviate as I began to not care as much anymore and more social. Should I ask my psychiatrist to try a new drug or wait some more time?