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Eliquis - Should I avoid salads wit this medication?

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BLuemoonstudio 5 Feb 2018

I have not started taking Elyquis yet but am glad to know that leafy greens will not inhibit anything .

I am vegetarian and juice daily which means I eat a lot of Raw fruits/veggies including lettuce, spinach, kale and parsley.

Another factor to being vegetarian is that I currently have gout which discourages you from eating any and all meat, shellfish and a limits your intake of beans .

In Initial research, I thought I had read that leafy greens can reduce the effectiveness of Elyquis. Thank you for clearing this up .

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hippie_slay 25 May 2016

Sally, you do not need to avoid salads or dark green leafy vegetables on Eliquis. In contrast to warfarin (which I assume you've taken before because of the inquiry), Eliquis is not affected by the Vitamin K levels (which are found in dark green leafy vegetables)

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Rita Bowers 24 May 2016

I take Eliquis and there is no need to avoid salads, There is no interaction. I eat a salad every day.

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