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Dulcolax for women expired 6 months ago but I haven't pooped in a week. Is it ok to take?


DzooBaby 19 May 2015

Quite honestly, it is probably okay. Everyone is going to tell you not to use because it is expired but many medications are okay past their expiration date (other countries outside the US dont even have expiration dates-Mexico for example). If the pill looks okay and is not discolored or disintegrated, in this case it is probably okay. Some meds like hormones and antibiotics should not be used past the expiration date but I dont think Dulcolax will hurt you. If anything, it might be a little less potent. It can be used in a pinch, I think, but it is up to you whether you want to chance it. If you can easily get to the store for a new box, that is best but if it is a pinch, you can use it.

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fazz786 18 May 2015

No its not safe if it expired

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