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When can I douche after using monistat 1 day treatment?

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YogaAndBirth 6 July 2013

While the other answers are generally correct, there are some types of douching that is safe, and may even help a yeast infection, such as a probiotic douch. The packet insert says not to douche or have sex while using this product. Then it more specifically says not to have sex for 'a few days.' It doesn't give a timeframe for douching but I would say a few days would apply there as well. And 'a few' usually means three or more. But keep in mind that typical store bought douches that are for odor or hygiene do actually cause yeast infections and are not recommended by any medical person typically. You vagina is self-cleaning and odors of a HEALHY vagina are normal. If the odor is very foul there is probably an infection.

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smileyhappy 11 Dec 2012

Hi Denise,

I would not douche after having a yeast infection. That could be why you got it in the first place. It changes your yeast balance. I would stay away from douching, it is not necessary, your body clean itself on its own.

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DzooBaby 11 Dec 2012

KM is right. Douching can be the root of your problems. Douching messes up the balance of the vagina. Not only does it alter the correct pH, it washes away good bacterial flora which keep bad bacteria and fungi (like Candida or "yeast" infection) at bay. Your vagina will cleanse itself naturally. You dont need to "rinse" it out. Just use mild soap and water to the outer folds when you shower or bathe and nature will take care of the inside of the vagina.

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kaismama 11 Dec 2012

Never. Douching should never be done unless the dr tells you to. It alters the ph of your vagina and can cause more problems.

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