I'm not sure if I described that right but I am on paxil 30mg for about 4 months now. And I have had a feeling of just pure laziness ever since I switched from zoloft to paxil. I have read stories of people taking paxil and having problems in their life but to them, its all fine.

I'm in my last semester of college and my grades are not so hot because I don't have the motivation to study, or for some classes - to even go to them. When an assignment is due, ill do it at the last second.

In the past if I had homework or long term homework (papers, presentations, etc) I would get them all done ahead of time. But that was back when I was on nothing or small dose of citalopram (then zoloft, then paxil).

If this is the case then I am coming off paxil.

(I was prescribed paxil and previous ssri's for anxiety (GAD) and some depression.)