does methadone show up in a urine test as just an opiod like hydrocodone or will it show up as methadone on a urine test. im coming off my pain meds and am using small amounta of methadone every 3-4 days to stay away from the hydrocodone... but if the VA finds out im takind methadone i will lose my benefits. please if anyone knows about this help me. I cant afford to lose my benefits, i have ptsd,TBI,schrapnel in both legs and im deaf in 1 ear. Iraq was not kind to me... LOL... I spent 8 months in baghdad and 9 in baquba... I need some kind of pain managenement drug but i was finding myself getting addicted to the hydrocodone. I dont want to live my life like that. Please any info will help me greatly... especially how long methadone can be found in urine during a drug test.. Thank you for your time.

SGT.Matt Murphy