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Does avodart permently shrink the prostate or must I continue taking avodart the rest of my life?


m42orion 12 March 2010

My urologist answered this as "You must take Avodart and Flomax for the rest of your days--- stopping will allow the condition to revert fairly quickly." However, if I can't stand it any longer, or if the condition gets worse, I can opt for a TURP or similar procedure, and I assume then I would be free of the drugs. I now take both Flomax and Avodart, and the two work really well together, for me.

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richard schiltz 12 March 2010

you for your reply to my question but now i have one more. what is TURP?

m42orion 12 March 2010

Transurethral resection of the prostate (TURP) involves surgical removal of the inner portion of the prostate, where BPH develops. It is the most common surgical procedure for BPH, although the number of procedures has dropped significantly over the past decades because of the availability of effective medications.
Procedure. TURP usually requires a 1 - 3 day hospital stay. The surgeon inserts a fiberoptic endoscope, which is a thin tube, into the urethra. No incision is needed. The surgeon uses the endoscope to cut away excess prostatic tissue, and water solutions are used to flush away the excised matter. When meds don't work well, or there are other problems, TURP is the answer. It has a few risks, but, it is I understand a reasonably safe option. There are others, using lasers, radio frequency cutting and so on, but, TURP is the best option usually. The other options are less invasive, but not as permanent and effective. 10% of those who have TURP have it again in 15 years, but, for most, it's a done deal for life. free discount card

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