I currently take Wellbutrin SR 150mg twice daily. It seems like the first few months I was energetic, but now, some months later... I seem to be tired or fatigued. I was considering asking my dr to just prescribe me the XL 300mg bupropion like she wanted to do in the first place, but I heard & read that Gastric Bypass surgery patients have issues with something staying in there stomach to be absorbed for long periods of time, (I think I am saying it right). I did take the XL for a few weeks when I started taking them, but I was afraid that it would not stay in my stomach long enough to last all day or I thought it would not be timely releasing in my stomach, since I had that surgery!

Even though I gained some or most of the weight back, I seem 2 lack energy now, which could be cuz of the weight gain, or my fatty liver... Not sure... But I just wanted to know if other gastric bypass surgery patients take the wellbutrin XL with positive results? Or do anyone take the Wellbutrin SR who had the same surgery? If so, please tell me your experiences.

Has any of you guys who had that surgery gained most, all or some of your weight back? Has anyone who had this surgery suffered from Alcohol addiction or depression after the surgery also? I did all of the above & it sucks!!! I am also seeking people who had the surgery to communicate with me on how they are feeling post-op & any negative or positive results or issues post-op? Let me know. Thanks for any responses!