I used to call them cuts because occasionally 1 will even bleed a bit. But usually there's no blood and I am unaware of it when it happens. Later on I will feel a lot of pain from one and then I will look closer and see the crack. They can be very small like 1/8 inch or bigger like 1/4 to almost 1/2 inch. The pain is like that from a paper cut. I get these throughout the year, so it isn't only in one kind of weather, because I thought that myself. I just found 2 on 1 thumb. That's unusual, mostly I get only 1 on a finger. They also used to seem to appear when I don't sleep for 1 night, but not this time.

Does anyone get them and if you do, how do you heal them? Any ideas on ways to prevent them, or what's causing them? I'm open to any & all ideas.