I was prescribed abilify in a very low dose, so my doctor said. I filled the prescription and never took it. I have some memory issues as a result of a mild aneurism. I didn't argue about schizophrenia diagnosis though i don't agree. I have been dealing with depression almost my entire life. My previous doctor actually took me off of medications altogether as she was afraid they might trigger another aneurism. Other doctor knows this though it has been 8 years before. Just in February I took a 5 hour energy drink to help me stay awake that nearly killed me. 55 beat per minute heart rate. Was in hospital observation for close to 24 hours. Let me out too early but eventually recovered. My first anti-depresants worked well at low dose (I split the pill down to 1/4) These were seroquel and effexor and that was in early 90's. They helped me get out the house, but i don't recall why my previous doctor took me off the pills prior to trying a series of other medication before she removed me completely due to sensitivity to side effects. The fact that i am vegetarian may cause stronger sensitivity i think. Anyhow, there was an ad on TV by lawyers sueing the seroquel and effexor companies. I didn't qualify. Then i search the internet about abilify and the first thing i see is a YouTube video that says ability kills and i told my recent doctor of this before i actually filled the prescription. He doesn't seem worried nor does his nurse. They are really pressing that they believe it would help me, especially with focus. The doctor tried to assure me that it was the lowest dose and that those results usually happen for someone who takes it long-term. He approved me splitting the pill dosage. On the other hand when discussing with his nurse that i filled the prescription and i decided to take it as needed, she was surprised and said it didn't work that way , that i had to take it everyday for it to work. I expressed my ill desire to be dependent on psychotics and prefer the natural way around. I search side effects and this forum to see if anyone has been helped by the drug and a number of things concerned me. Before i got to this website, I concluded that they should remove abilify off the market. If anyone dies from the medication, they cannot make a comment on this page. It seems these ones who were helped the most took 2.5 kilograms or less and for not more than two weeks. It would be helpful if this site suggests commenters list the dosage and length of time taken. This would make a more accurate measure on how long abilify can be taken before it kills. My medical goal is to go back to work and lead a normal working life. Though even physical factors contributed, I haven't worked a consistent job since early 90's. I am now over 40. Suggestions please. I would also like to hear from a loved one whose loved one actually died taking abilify and what their dosage was and length of time taken. Thank you