Hello all. I am a happily married 29 year old female with generalized anxiety disorder. I have taken meds in the past (Paxil CR) that really helped but made getting off them a real night mare. I recently started taking Lexapro 5mg in the day time. Now, its working all the way up until about 10 pm and thats when the racing heart and thoughts start happening thus leading to me taking Ativan to sleep. Can someone please tell me some good news about these side effects ceasing after a few weeks? I don't want to be bounced from drug to drug. The drug does its job and then just stops. I talked to my doc and she told me to take the full 10 mg dose in the morning, which I did yesterday... same thing BAM!) 10 pm rolled around and it felt like I just got done running. Help me please! Give me some hope that this will stop shortly!!! thank you