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What is the difference between Glucophage and Metformin?


kaismama 7 Feb 2013

The manufacturer. Glucophage is the brand name, metformin is the generic name.

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diabpal 7 Feb 2013

There must be a difference. My diabetic friend gets very sick on Metformin, but never got sick on Glucophage. Doctor says insurance won't pay for Glucophage, of course, but hospitals won't use metformin because of the side effects.

Inactive 8 Feb 2013

Your friend might be allergic to one of the inactive ingredients. Each manufacturer can have different inactive ingredients - only the main ingredient is required to be the same. There are a lot of things included in the various inactive ingredients. Once your friend finds out which ingredient they are allergic to a lot of insurances will pay for the brand name because it would be medically necessary due to an allergy. Or a compounding pharmacy can make the medication without the offending ingredient. Large hospitals can usually do allergy testing for the most common of the inactive ingredients. Regards - ElizaJane

professionalservice 6 March 2018

The original Glucophage is far superior to Metformin but most medical coverage including Medicare Part D will NOT cover the cost. The average individual cannot absorb the cost. Metformin is known to upset the digestive system and is very hard to tolerate. Glucophage does not have the same properties as Metformin so upseting of the digestive track is not an issue. free discount card

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