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Is there a difference is the 1mg blue xanax and the green 1mg xanax?

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Daxyl 8 March 2024

Having read through these comments, they’re a few things I’d like to add.
Firstly, someone said when they had a panic attack one of the generics might be ok if, “ they could find someplace to lay down until it kicked in” . That’s a paraphrase, but of all the panic attacks I’ve had, laying down would have been impossible.
Most of my observations are related to language and definitions. If the FDA mandates that 1mg if a drug is in a medication, then it’s going to have 1 mg. Not 1.25mg or 0.82mg. And barring time released drugs, that dosage will interact, ionize, and recombine in your body the same way. The inactive ingredients are just that, inactive. But inactive to the biochemical design of that drug on the human body. They can be inactive in the process, but active in some way to you. So as far as a 1mg green vs 1mg blue making you feel different could be many things at play.


But both pills saying 1mg have the same 1mg and the other. The excipients could interact with someone ( I,e. Allergies) but are inactive. Meaning they don’t act in the biochemistry. I mg is a very tiny amount . The other stuff in the pill is there, only to make it a pill shape. Think of a grain of salt as a rough approximation of 1 mg. You certainly couldn’t prescribe it in that form, so you put inactive corn starch and the grain of salt into a pill press and voila! There’s your pill.
So , my belief is that the placebo effect has more to do with this, than anything.

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shock7979 16 Jan 2022

Say all you guys want about the doses are the same or these binders that and equal or no difference that. Those Green Footballs are totally different My cancer patient friend gave me some to get me thru my next scripts and those things to me seem stronger or at least hit way harder than all in my experience than 99% of any 2mg bars I have taken as well, it must be the binder used or something but they dissolved instantly and hit just as fast and hard be careful if never used one before as I feel they could easy be made into bars and still be strong fast hard hitting Xanax most people are not aware of or even know exist they are very rare to find even as a generic and should be taken at first with a little caution That could be the explanation of all of our wrong way freeway drivers here in Phoenix maybe.

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hac123 24 May 2019

There ARE differences in how generics work both vs brand name and vs other generics. The blue are much closer to working like the brand name (in my 22 years of experience). With the green ones, I cannot feel them take effect but I know that they do work but just not as well. I use them for panic attacks and I feel relief when I begin to feel the effect so taking the green generic isn't nearly as helpful unless I can lie down somewhere and wait to calm down.

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Vocrinthedes 16 Jan 2022

HAC123 is absolutely correct. Generics ARE different from each other! I speak from 18 years of taking xanax and occasionally having terrible experiences when pharmacies change generic brands of xanax (alprazolam) on me. The blue oval ones are likely Greenstone (despite the contradiction in the color name!). Greenstones are actually produced by Pfizer, the original brand-name Xanax, and I've found them to be the most consistent and reliable.

Each generic brand may contain very different inactive ingredients ("excipients") although they are "supposed" to have the same amount of alprazolam (and many have been recalled AFTER it was found they actually DIDN'T contain the correct amount of alprazolam!).


Even when the alprazolam is the correct amount, the different inactive ingredients can make a big difference in how you react to the pill (e.g., I can't take the blue 1mg Greenstones only because I'm very allergic to the blue dye) - I have to take 1mg bites of the white 2mg Greenstones.

As a customer, you have every right to ask for a specific generic to be ordered. If your pharmacist won't do that, change to a pharmacy that will. I have had to change pharmacies just for this reason.

WildcatVet 26 March 2019

The brand may look different than a generic and different generics may look different from each other. What you need to know is that each of these pills contain 1mg of alprazolam but the binders and fillers may be different and your reaction might be slowed or increased.
Also, beware of knock-offs. Only take medications that are purchased at a pharmacy.
Wild Cat

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Bernlocke 26 March 2019

There is no difference. They are both the same 1mg xanax. They just have a subtle differences in color. One being blue and the other being a light green.

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Jadarls 28 Feb 2018

I have been told that green 1mg Xanax doesn't have the equal amount of medicine in it as the blue 1mg. Is this true?

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Autismom3 22 May 2018

It absolutely has to be true I've always been put on the blue 1 MG and on the 5th of this month theyes gave me the green one anxiety and panic attacks while driving myself and my kids ... they are horrible

Autismom3 22 May 2018

They are every day and the blue ones had me pretty lined out ... I shake at night my vision is screwed up pressure in my head etc... hopefully never will have to buy the blue ones again... so yes whoever you heard that from it has to be true.

chuck1957 17 April 2016

Ac I see this question to much without marking off the pills letters and numbers can't help you but there is no such thing as a green brand name xanax someone is taking people for a ride. Don't take it unless its a generic that comes from the pharmacy.

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woodburn 2 June 2017

With all do respect 2 Chuck 1957, your answer is 100% Incorrect. There is indeed a green oval 1 mg Xanax w markings on 1 side showing ... s 902.

woodburn 2 June 2017

I would like 2 delete my comment above as I see I mis- read Chuck 1957 answer. But I don't know how to delete it. So I would like 2 apologies. Chuck was just stating that the green oval Xanax was not a name brand but is indeed a generic version. Sorry again

woodburn 2 June 2017

I would like 2 delete my comment above as I see I mis- read Chuck 1957 answer. But I don't know how to delete it. So I would like 2 apologies. Chuck was just stating that the green oval Xanax was not a name brand but is indeed a generic version. Sorry again

Jbracken6918 21 Nov 2018

Chuck I can’t comprehend how simple minded you are. Obviously he’s saying they’re Xanax not the imprint fool. You knew what he was asking but you decided to be a smart ass jerks. free discount card

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