My son has been on Depakote for a couple years at a lower dosage (500mg AM, 625mg PM) and noticed no hair loss at all. However, his seizures were increasing to the point where he had five seizures over the course of one day on Thanksgiving 2020. So we titrated him up to where he was taking 1000mg AM and 1500mg PM which was too much as his levels were too high and he was extremely tired. So we titrated him back down - he is now taking 1000mg AM & PM. Unfortunately, at the higher dosage is when we noticed the hair loss, or HE noticed it and is very concerned about it. I'm in the process of looking for an alternative right now. What do you do? He hasn't had a seizure in over 8 months (the longest he's ever gone) but now his self-esteem and self-confidence is suffering because of the hair loss/thinning. I'm wondering if it's a cumulative effect where the more that is in your system, that triggers the hair loss.