hubby and i was on methadone 4 yrs... the last few months we been shooting fent and taking m done sometimes... anyways we get on subs... the doc wants to give me 8mg then 8mg i argue so i get 2 and 2 nd hubby gets 8 and 8... the first 8 hubby goes into sever pcip wd.. so they make him take another 8mg... i take my 4mg and we r told go home come back tomorro... we go back the next day the doc says u (me) take 8mg a day and gives my husband 20mg we get to the pharmacy where i say there is no way in heck he is taking that so we settle with 12mg... we both still feel sick tho i dont get it... my back hurts so badly and i was nautious most of the day.. thats gone now but my back hurts so bad... will i ever feel normal?? will we ever feel normal?