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What is the dark blue capsule that "Nurse Jackie" takes?

3 Answers

LadyFalcon 12 Apr 2015

It's a 160 mg OxyContin. Although I don't think they make them anymore. I can't believe she can even function.

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Jcox000025 21 Dec 2016

Okay number one Oxycontin doesn't come in a capsule number 2 the pill that she's taking doesn't have any numbers on it though it does resemble Ann Oxycontin 160 if she took five of those which she does very seldom she would be dead so whoever says that she's taking Oxycontin 160 is a f****** dumbass

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Jetsmom 16 Jun 2017

Actually if you look up pictures of Oxycodone , they DO come in capsules .
Not blue though.
It COULD be correct because there are ALOT of different generics out there.

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