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I need some comments from others who have used fluorouracil on their lips?

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casadelgado 18 Jan 2017

I just finished my two week dosage around my lips and nose. The dermotologist told me NOT to put it directly on my lips but to put it between the nose and lip and then under the lower lip and, somehow, it goes to the lips. and it did. I only had cancer on my lower lip and it made my lip raw and swollen but not it is better. Also put it on my nose and now have beet red spots on nose, below and above lip. But do not put it directly on your lips also because you do NOT want to get it in your mouth.

casadelgado 18 Jan 2017

Also, be sure and use plain aquaphor constantly on your lips. Do not use the specialty ones for lip repair as they are very stingy on your lips. It will definitely help he healing.

jobradley 18 Jan 2017

My dermatoligist told me to put it on my lips. Hard to not get in mouth. Also, brochure said not recommended for lips. Dunno. I guess I'll do what you did, if, in fact the cream travels to site anyway. I am very worried about using it, at all. I'm into my 5th day of usage and I don't see any difference... maybe just a little. Thanks for your response.

jobradley 18 Jan 2017

Also, does anyone know how long Fluorouracil is ACTIVE after application?

casadelgado 18 Jan 2017

You will definitely see your skin start to turn red very soon. If not, that means you do not have skin cancer there. But do NOT put it on your lips. I did the first time around a couple of years back and had to go to the doctor because it was practically eating the skin inside my lips. I actually did not believe the dr. when he said it would travel to the spots and it really does. If I took a picture of my skin you could see. Keep it up for the two weeks and good luck.

casadelgado 18 Jan 2017

Didn't see you 2nd question. It stops right after your 2 weeks. Then put vaseline on the area to soothe.

jobradley 19 Jan 2017

After reading more about this drug, I have decided not to continue usage. I put it on my lips for 5 days, and the morning of yhe 6th, and saw no difference at all. Since I was putting it directly on my lips, I became worried about ingesting it. I will just stick to freezing, as I feel more comfortable with that therapy. Thanks for all of your good thoughts and advice. I'm glad you had good results.

jobradley 25 Jan 2017

I stopped using this drug after 10 applications because I was worried about side affects warnings. I rubbed it in twice a day for 5 days and one time on the 6th day. In the following days, my entire bottom lip became swollen and sore, even the area I wasn't treating. This is the 7th day after I stopped treatment and my bottom lip is still swollen and sore. Yesterday it bled. I'm using vaseline, but it doesn't help. I'm going to buy some aquaphor today. That drug is active for a long time. I'm glad I stopped using it when I did. I'm going to rely on freezing as my treatment for actinic keratosis from now on. Joan

GinnyCC 6 Feb 2017

I was directed to use it on my lips twice a day for one week. It is currently 17 days after I began treatment and I would not wish this on my worst enemy. Swollen, puss, pain and I wake up with blood down my chin and on my neck. I called my dr and told her and she ordered an antibiotic gel to apply 3X daily, almost a week ago, and no improvement. Having it burned out is no fun but it doesn't go on for 17 days plus.

casadelgado 6 Feb 2017

My doctor told me absolutely NOT to put it on my lips because of that exact reason plus you do not want it in your mouth. My first doctor told me the same as yours and I had blisters inside my mouth. This time he told me only to put it above and below my lips and, somehow, it knows to go to the spots on your lips that are affected. I had none on my top lip but my bottom lip was swollen, open but not bleeding, etc like yours. Sounds like your doctor gave you bad advice. Did you only put on just a thin line? Good luck but if done right wasn't as bad as burning them off.

dianeKerr 24 Apr 2017

I have one more day of Flouroursil on my face... I did not apply to lips, but surrounding areas... and yes, medication is absorbed by lips... lower lip very swollen. I was told to use once a day for two weeks. fortunately, the damage is light compared to what others have mentioned. The areas in the crevice at the edge of nostrils are very irritated ... I'm thinking this is an irritation, not cancer or precancer... any thoughts?

casadelgado 24 Apr 2017

Seems you actually put it exactly where I did. Yes my lip got swollen and sore but that is where the skin cancer was. Top and bottom of lip looked like I has shingles. Looked awful but end result was worth it. I didn't put any makeup on it as I was afraid it would get infected. And yes the crease in my nose hurt like heck but I knew I had the skin cancer there. After tomorrow keep putting Aquaphor ointment on the whole area. Will really make it heal faster. Good luck. free discount card

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