I was on clonazepam for ages since coming out of hospital as well as mirtazapine amitryptaline and buspirone I weaned off clonazepam and amitriptyline and now reluctantly my shrink has put me back on clonazepam (short term) my doc has told me to stop the buspirine still feel rough anxious nervy is it ok to go back on clonazepam again and will I start to feel better once the amitriptyline and buspirone are out of my system I have tried CBT didnt work for me too anxious! at least I am only on 2 meds now clonazepam during the day and mirtazapine at night maybe its the withdrawal symptoms making it worse coming off the amitriptyline and buspirone hoping once they are out of my system the mirtazapine and clonazepam will work better! I think the mirtazapine/amitriptyptaline/buspirone may have been interacting its been a nightmare dont want to go back on the mental ward I will be most grateful for any feedback/info/advice thankyou another thing Im terrified my anxiety will soar when I have to wean off clonazepam again!!!