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Can I take clindamycin if I am allergic to erythromycin and penicillin?


KrazyTasty 20 Aug 2015

It is in the same category, however depending on the severity of your allergic reactions, always question the prescribing doctor. They give this drug to those who have common, non life threatening issues with penicillin. It's not the same drug, of course.. Though it is in the same family..

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Wholetthedogsout 12 Feb 2017

My allergy to erythromycin is from childhood, so I'm clueless about the type of reaction and severity. After reading several answers indicating Clydsmianin was worthy of a try, just because it's in the same family doesn't mean that I will react seems to be the gist of it. One starter dose of 300 mg, my intention was to continue with 150 mg every 6 hours thereafter, and I have definitely had s reaction. It took almost 6 hours, just when I was about to take dose #2; nausea first, itching, small number of hives starting but my trunk as my husband said " you're purple", definitely a VERY bright RED!! So my suggestion with all the alternatives take do not stay in the family of what you are allergic to.

tractorlynn 2 March 2017

im allergic to penicillin and erythromycin, i told the hospital befor my operation to be given 300mg of clindamycin, iv ended up with itchy rash all over it 4days to appear, i was told by surgeon wasnt in same family. free discount card

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