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Clear capsule no markings with tiny white balls inside. It is my daughter's?


Psyched 2 March 2012

If talking to your daughter doesn't ease your mind, you can always take the med in question to a pharmacist and have him/her identify it, which they will gladly do.

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DzooBaby 2 March 2012

All medications made in the US have some kind of numbers, or letters of some kind, as identifying markers. If there are no markings it is difficult to tell what it is. It could be anything, possibly a supplement, or it could be an illicit drug or something of foreign manufacture. Supplements like vitamins, minerals, herbs and homeopathic remedies dont have to have identifying markers like drugs do because they fall under that food supplement category and are regulated differently than medications, however, illicit drugs are often put in clear capsules that can be purchased at any healthfood store. This is done as an easy way to make small "lots" for use and selling purposes. You are going to have to have a chat with your daughter and ask her what it is.

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