Dear Dr
I'm 33 years old

My urologist based only on a digital examination only and without conducting any prostate fluid tests had prescribed cipro for acute prostates infection, a course for 28 days 1000 mg day what a grace ! I could barley do 16 days and my condition is better ! I'm very distressed by the fact I'm trying to escape from chronic porosities by keeping the full course, Although I developed some side effects
I have started to feel little Achill discomfort ! does that mean I may or certainly would develop to a rapture if kept going on cipro ?
secondly given the stress by taking cipro my urologist prescribed a less effective antibiotic trimethoprim as compromising protective against the return of infection to continue the last 2 weeks with. He also gave an option that I can leave with the hope alone and be sufficient with the 16 days 1000 mg day, or go with weaker antibiotic to the rest of the last two weeks without
grantee of securing the issue to the last possible point of no infection return.

how efficient is a two week course for completely treating acute prostatites that wasn't diagnosed with fluid analysis or any laboratory examination?

The second major concern as raised above is the exercise capability! indeed cipro might be out the system physically but how long would it take the damaged collagen due to that intensive course of antibiotic would take to repair in order for my achillesl tendons to stand my heavy jogging on the trade mail? in other words in how long would i be able to resume my normal active life without fears of rupturing Achilles tendons.

Also what elements does actually cipro attack in the body to rapture tendons so that I may try to avoid the most major side effects by compensating them back

God bless you