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Can cephalexin 500ml be used to combat a sinus infection?


travel4171 24 May 2018

I’ve had a long and rich history with sinus infections and can tell you it is most likely a ‘viral’ infection and not ‘bacterial’. They can be so terrible. If it’s a bad one your sinuses are blocked, you can’t smell or breathe through your nose, could have headaches, etc. viral infections really aren’t treatable with antibiotics so what you can do is manage it the right way. Don’t know if you have a low grade temperature which will help confirm your body is fighting a bug. The ‘stuff’ that’s stopping you up has to go so force fluids, rest, and take your choice of headache remedy if your head hurts. So many times in the beginning when I used to get them my Doctor would put me on antibiotics. Viral infections just find them humorous. Think of it this way. A common cold is a virus and all we can do it take medications to alleviate symptoms. Herpes and AIDS are viral. Typically a sinus infection will start to drain towards the middle and end and you don’t want the drainage to settle in your lungs if you can help it because the next thing is coughing up yellowish greenish slimy stuff that settled in your lungs as it drained. Try sinus washes if you can get it through still. Steam helps sometimes too. It depends on how blocked you are. When it starts to drain, and I know this sounds nutty, but get a box of tissues and get your head inclined below your chest and lungs. I just get on a sofa or bed, get on my knees and bend down so what’s at the bottom of my lungs flows out. If the flem is thick and kind of green, it’s the viral infection result. You may cough it up as you’re bent over but that means it’s working. Again, I know it’s a little odd sounding but you need to get that out of your lungs or it settles and you’ll still cough a bit. Do drink as much fluid as you can and rest as much as you can too. Viral sinus infections can last for such a long time and these are the only things we can do to shorten them. I hope you feel better soon.

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