We currently (March, 2022) are having great difficulty obtaining phenobarbital elixir for our daughter. Until recently we received it through the manufacturer "Par", from which it is no longer available. Past refills had been obtained from "Bioramo". Recently a partial fill was recently received through "E5 Pharma", and then most recently a fill through "Rising". The listing of pharmaceutical companies in the USA currently only shows "Rising". We have been told by a pharmacist that some manufacturers were no longer going to be making Phenobarbital. In the past our daughter has not received a sufficient therapeutic response to some manufacturers.

What happened to Par? Who are Bioramo and E5 Pharma? These three cannot be found in the Drugs.com listing.

What is occurring to cause the shortage and inability to obtain the drug from a manufacturer know to be beneficial for our daughter? How can we navigate this problem and obtain this drug needed by our daughter? As a qualitative remark this is an issue greater than providing quality of life, as this drug is one of other daily anti-epileptic drugs necessary to sustain our daughter's life.