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Who carries "top Care" products?

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P Smith 25 March 2020

Top Care products are available in the military commissaries and PX/BXs.

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Ensignificante Kant 11 April 2019

I am uncertain if that question is still relevant, however, there are a group of supermarkets in the State of Wyoming doing business as RIDLEY'S Family Markets. That supermarket still sells TOP CARE brand of soap products. I will say this much, TOP CARE soap is much better for clearing up mild skin irritations, etc. than other antibacterial soaps sold over the counter. TOP CARE bars of soap also smell really nice, much better than DOVE or Irish Spring. I know, in the State of Wyoming, they're sold in the Cities of Sheridan and Laramie. You might want to check out their locations in other states such as Utah, Nevada, Idaho and Colorado. I am uncertain if the Australian native of the name Ridley Scott has anything to do with their chain of supermarkets. I know most of the items sold in their stores on the shelves are slightly more expensive than most items sold at brand name pharmacies, such as Rite Aid, Walgreens or CVS Pharmacy.


However, the quality of items sold at Ridley's Family Markets, generally, tend to be a greater quality. I can honestly attest to that because I've shopped at their supermarket in Wyoming. Good luck. April 11, 2019 Thursday.

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Inactive 25 Feb 2013

Hello. Could you add to the inquiry if you might. Diagnosis, treatment. Regards pledge

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missy74 26 Feb 2013

What does diagnosis, treatment have to do with my question? I tried a "top care" product and like it. I just dont remember where l got it, not where I through I did.

hlain46227 3 Sep 2014

I buy Top Care products at Winn Dixie stores in Florida. I have found that all of their products that I've used are very good, better even than name brands. free discount card

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